The final double bill in the Jamie Lloyd Company’s Harold Pinter  season is now playing in the West End. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews.  

The Telegraph: *** “Even though the finale, neatly pairing the 1958 radio play A Slight Ache with the better known 1957 two-hander The Dumb Waiter, brings things to a less rousing climax than one might have hoped, it exemplifies the dedication that has been a hallmark…”

The Independent: **** “The Dumb Waiter is unmistakably Pinteresque to the point of parody – fully achieved in its mixture of comedy and menace. A Slight Ache doesn’t quite work but perhaps lingers in the mind longer. The edgy cross-talk in Lloyd’s production of the former potently captures the feel of Tony Hancock-meets-Tarantino with further script input from Abbott and Costello.”

The Guardian: ***** “The pairing of Danny Dyer and Martin Freeman in The Dumb Waiter (1957) guarantees a pre-sold hit. But it is Jamie Lloyd’s production of a lesser-known radio play, A Slight Ache (1959), with John Heffernan and Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones, that provides a genuine shock and surprise.”

Variety: “Overlaid with George Dennis’s creepy theme tunes, “A Slight Ache” and “The Dumb Waiter” seem like Pinter’s version of “Twilight Zone” tales. Both come with a neat twist in the tale, but they are unsettling and absurdist glimpses of existential dread.”

Time Out: **** “If the two plays don’t exactly complement each other, ‘Pinter Seven’ is probably the strongest two hours of entertainment in the entire six-month Pinter at the Pinter project. There has been so much work staged here in so little time that I wonder if the public has really been able to keep track of it all – but this is your last chance, and I’d strongly recommend you take it.”

Evening Standard: **** “As with the rest of this season, the material is uneven, but it’s difficult to imagine it being delivered with more skill and conviction.”

British ***** “Jamie Lloyd has confirmed himself as a superlative interpreter and re-interpreter of Pinter.”

Pinter 7 continues to play at the Harold Pinter Theatre until the 23rd  February. To book tickets click here.