Review Round Up: Pinter 7: A Slight Ache/Dumb Waiter, Harold Pinter Theatre

The final double bill in the Jamie Lloyd Company’s Harold Pinter  season is now playing in the West End. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews.  

The Telegraph: *** “Even though the finale, neatly pairing the 1958 radio play A Slight Ache with the better known 1957 two-hander The Dumb Waiter, brings things to a less rousing climax than one might have hoped, it exemplifies the dedication that has been a hallmark…”

The Independent: **** “The Dumb Waiter is unmistakably Pinteresque to the point of parody – fully achieved in its mixture of comedy and menace. A Slight Ache doesn’t quite work but perhaps lingers in the mind longer. The edgy cross-talk in Lloyd’s production of the former potently captures the feel of Tony Hancock-meets-Tarantino with further script input from Abbott and Costello.”

The Guardian: ***** “The pairing of Danny Dyer and Martin Freeman in The Dumb Waiter (1957) guarantees a pre-sold hit. But it is Jamie Lloyd’s production of a lesser-known radio play, A Slight Ache (1959), with John Heffernan and Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones, that provides a genuine shock and surprise.”

Variety: “Overlaid with George Dennis’s creepy theme tunes, “A Slight Ache” and “The Dumb Waiter” seem like Pinter’s version of “Twilight Zone” tales. Both come with a neat twist in the tale, but they are unsettling and absurdist glimpses of existential dread.”

Time Out: **** “If the two plays don’t exactly complement each other, ‘Pinter Seven’ is probably the strongest two hours of entertainment in the entire six-month Pinter at the Pinter project. There has been so much work staged here in so little time that I wonder if the public has really been able to keep track of it all – but this is your last chance, and I’d strongly recommend you take it.”

Evening Standard: **** “As with the rest of this season, the material is uneven, but it’s difficult to imagine it being delivered with more skill and conviction.”

British ***** “Jamie Lloyd has confirmed himself as a superlative interpreter and re-interpreter of Pinter.”

Pinter 7 continues to play at the Harold Pinter Theatre until the 23rd  February. To book tickets click here.

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