Interview with…Jordan Waller

The actor chatted to LLLC’s Emma Clarendon about bringing  The D Word to the Vault Festival. 

Hi Jordan, for those who don’t know what is ‘The D Word’ about? The D Word is about the Holy Trinity of D’s that hold the key to all life: Daddies, Dykes and Dicks. It’s the humorously tragic tale of a boy who tries to track down his sperm donor father after he loses his lesbian mother. 

It’s based on your story – how do you feel about bringing such a personal story to the stage? I’m petrified. I’m a man, which means that I’m not always wonderful at being vulnerable. Though I’m also thrilled at being able to share that experience with an audience. 

How are you feeling about being part of the Vault Festival? It’s an honour. I adore the festival and always go. It shows the wonderful talent this city and country have to offer. Though I’m also shitting my pants and haven’t slept in two weeks – so I hate them all. 

What do you hope that audiences will take away from the story and the show? I hope that people will recognise something of their own experiences in a world that might ostensibly seem different to their own. It’s a life-affirming look at processing death. With dick. 

 How have you found the process of bringing ‘The D Word’ to the stage? It’s been very painful to create a clear narrative out of the chaos of what actually happens in real life. It’s an even more daunting prospect to relive that journey with other people. Yet there’s something hugely cathartic in vocalising and sharing the story. It’s been very healing personally so I’m eternally grateful for anyone who comes along and enjoys it. 

After its run at the Vault festival what would you like to see happening to the show? I would love for it to have a life beyond the Vaults of course – though the opportunity to perform it there is already a huge honour. Maybe another run? Maybe Edinburgh? Maybe just repeating it to myself in the nude over and over in my bathroom while regretting all the acting decisions I made during the first performance? Who knows.

By Emma Clarendon

The D Word will play at the Vault Festival from the  13th to the 17th February. 

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