Interview With… Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales

Emma Clarendon chatted to the pair about bringing their new  show Ginger Snapped to London. 

Hi thanks for talking to me. What can audiences expect from ‘The Ginger Snapped’?

JM – we call it “therapy you can dance to.” It’s a show examining the darker (but still very hilarious) side of drag fame.

MS  – She threatens my life several times onstage; I think everyone can get behind that.

How are you feeling about coming back to perform in London?

JM – I feel like London is my home away from home. The audiences there treat me like a super star. I always feel like London is a place I’ve always been meant to perform in. 

MS – London has some of our most die hard fans, who are always great to see. Plus, visiting gives me a chance to raid M&S and bring snacks home to friends. Hello, Mr. Kipling!

What do you love the most about performing for audiences?

JM – I love making people laugh. It’s the probably the best feeling in the world. 

MS – I’m always surprised when Jinkx and I find people who connect with our weird sense of humor, so it’s immensely satisfying when we do our show and folks are fully onboard. It’s like a new chosen family, every night.

What kind of songs can we expect during the show?

JM – We do original music by my costar and music partner, Major Scales. It’s the best of from our album “The Ginger Snapped” (a 90’s throwback album) as well as a few covers from classic musicals. 

MS – I always try to write saucy, fun numbers when I know Jinkx and i are going to be performing them. Expect me to bring out my Pee Wee Herman-like dance moves for them!

For anyone who hasn’t been along to one of your shows before – why should they pop along to the Leicester Square Theatre?

JM – if you’re a fan of drag and/or cabaret, and you want to see it done at its most committed, come see us! 

MS  – We bring pop fun to drag! If you haven’t seen Drag Race, you can enjoy the music; if you don’t like music, who are you??

If you had to sum up ‘The Ginger Snapped’ how would you describe it?

JM – Hilarious, insightful, and musically brilliant. 

MS – It’s therapy you can dance to, it’s a mental breakdown with a beat; it’s the catchiest mental analysis we’ve ever brought your side of the pond, and we can’t wait.

By Emma Clarendon 

Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales: The Ginger Snapped will be performed at the Leicester Square Theatre from  the 12th to the 23rd March. 

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