REVIEW: Little Italy

Deliciously cute, Donald Petrie’s film is as heartwarming  as it is funny – making it a recipe for success.  It would be fair to say that it is difficult to get a good romantic comedy right these days, to get that perfect combination between comedy, likeable characters and a fresh idea for romance to sweep audiences away is not easy to do. Although Little Italy doesn’t always get it right comedy wise… Read More

REVIEW: Dinomania, New Diorama Theatre

Kandinsky manage to bring this fascinating story to life  with bundles of imagination and energy – but it all feels rather rushed.  Following the discoveries of Gideon Mantell and his quest to prove just how creatures adapt and evolve over centuries, Kandinsky’s latest production is a lively but chaotic affair that doesn’t feel as though it explores the topics it covers deeply enough. This is a real shame as it is a fascinating story which… Read More