PREVIEW: Ablaze, Peacock Theatre

The London School of Economics and Political Science will present their annual culture show at the Peacock Theatre on the 4th March.

Focusing on the shared historic and cultural heritage of Africa and the Caribbean, through Ablaze the London School of Economics and Political Science through drama, dance, music and poetry examine the possibility of creating a new union based on this shared cultural background.

Titled The Love and Politics of a Shared Heritage, the play follows two teams as they negotiate an unprecedented deal between the African Union and the Caribbean Community. Its political themes are explored in a way that challenges Western dominance in the international sphere and also imagines new relationships between regions in the Global South. Against this backdrop, we meet Thembi and Daniel, two potential lovebirds whose relationship is quickly complicated by a fear of the unknown. Will our love birds be able to face their fears and will both regions agree on a deal?

In order to put on the show, it has received funding  from various sources, including the LSE Student Union, due to its immense educational and community-building capabilities.

In addition the play offers an opportunity as a possible response of the Afro-Caribbean region to what can be seen as a period of incredible structural change in international politics. By exploring this theme in the play through a love story, dance and musical performances and fashion exhibition will be a distinctive experience for all.

Ablaze will take place at the Peacock Theatre on the 4th March. To book tickets visit:

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