Hilarious, naughty and fun, Rocky Horror Show is a lively affair that keeps audiences thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

(c)David Freeman.

Watching this exuberant production it is easy to see why Rocky Horror Show is still so affectionately received by audiences up and down the country. Playfully naughty, it feels like a pantomime for adults with its wacky story and sense of humour that delights from start to finish.

In terms of a plot, Rocky Horror Show follows the newly engaged couple Brad and Janet who are forced to take shelter in a gothic manor after their car breaks down. The manor happens to be owned by transvestite Frank N Furter who seduces them both in between fixating on his ‘creation’ Rocky.

A blend of science fiction and horror, the entire show feels like a spoof of elements from both genres combined to create this completely unique show. It isn’t so much concerned about the plot but rather creating a bond between the audience and actors thanks to the many lewd and some downright funny shout outs that provides lively entertainment in itself and is enthusiastically received by the audience.

Despite the musical being over 40 years old, the musical still feels as fresh as ever thanks to Christopher Luscombe’s energetic and suitably quirky production that highlights every element that makes this show popular to this day. In particular Nathan M Wright’s sharp choreography reflects the quirky appeal of the show to perfection, while Sue Blane’s costumes (of what there are!) capture the sexiness and naughtiness of the musical.

Everything is slickly paced and it is fair to say that it is like no other experience at the theatre. From doing the ‘Time Warp’ to ‘Sweet Transvestite’ this is a musical that thoroughly embraces being different which is effectively reflected in the performances of all of the cast.

Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton as Brad and Janet respectively are suitably cute and charismatic in their roles, while together have a lovely chemistry that makes them a believable couple. Clifton in particular showcases some lovely vocals on ‘Touch-a-Touch-a- Touch-a-Touch Me’ – she has a lovely sweet tone to her voice that is enjoyable to listen to. But it really is Stephen Webb as Frank N Furter who stands out the most – offering a strong, confident and outrageous performance that is a delightful to watch as he struts around the stage, commanding your attention every time he appears. A mention should also be made to Callum Evans as Rocky, who performs some mesmerising gymnastics that he makes look effortless.

Naughty and playful, this is a production which makes this cult classic feel as though it was only created yesterday. So go and get your best corset on and catch this production – you won’t be disappointed.

By Emma Clarendon

Rock Horror Show continues to play at the New Victoria Theatre until the 9th March before continuing to to tour.To book tickets visit ATG Tickets.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐