Review Round Up: Dorothea Tanning, Tate Modern

The Tate Modern’s new exhibition brings together 100 pieces of work from the artist’s seven decade career. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

Dorothea Tanning (1910 –2012)
Costume for Night Shadow: A Guest 1945
The Destina Foundation, New York
© DACS, 2019

Culture Whisper: ***** ” Such varied, daring and experimental works makes for an exciting show, the first major one, in fact, for 25 years. It is not to be missed.”

The Guardian: ***** “Her disturbing art is the climax of surrealism, but this exhibition also reveals Tanning’s appetite for the gothic and its long history of female creativity.”

The Telegraph: *** “This is one of the strangest exhibitions I’ve ever seen in a major public gallery. Its subject is Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012), one of a number of brilliantly talented women at the heart of the surrealist movement (Lee Miller, Meret Oppenheim and Dora Maar were others) who’ve been overshadowed by their better-known male partners and colleagues (Dali, Magritte, Man Ray et al).”

The Times: “Technically, Dorothea Tanning was a surrealist painter, but a new exhibition at Tate Modern shows that the word “gothic” suits her work equally well.”

Time Out: *** “This major show makes a strong case for her being one of the greats of surrealism, overshadowed throughout history by the macho men of the genre.”

London Visitors: “This fascinating exhibition takes viewers into the strange and wonderful world of Dorothea Tanning. Her style is similar to Salvador Dali but with a Gothic twist that creates worlds full of symbolism and unconscious desires.”

Londonist: ***** “Tanning isn’t a household name, but hopefully this show alerts the wider world to her mind-blowing imagination, creativity and versatility. This is easily one of the strongest show to grace Tate Modern in recent years.”

Evening Standard: **** “She is not original in the way artists are often expected to be, coming up with a shockingly noticeable individual visual brand. But she is original in the more serious sense of the notion. Whatever she made, she gave it a feeling of believable surprise.”

The Tate Modern’s exhibition focusing on the work of Dorothea Tanning is on display until the 9th June.

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