Review Round Up: Inside B**tch, Royal Court Theatre

Find out what critics had to say about Clean Break’s production looking at the representation of women in prison…

Time Out: **** “Being in this theatre is like sitting in a pub, eavesdropping on a group of regulars at the next table; they crack jokes, rib each other, wheel out favoured anecdotes.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “Above all what the show succeeds in doing is making the women emerge as fully-rounded people. By the close, they are not defined by their experience of being in prison, but by their liveliness, their resilience, the sheer force of their personalities. Which is exactly, I suspect, what they intended.”

Exeunt Magazine: “They say comedy is tragedy plus time. And Inside Bitch is funny as hell, buoyed by honest performances by Clean Break Members Lucy Edkins, Jennifer Joseph, TerriAnn Oudjar and Jade Small. But that quippy equation hides real pain, which we get short glimpses of during the performance presented at the Royal Court.”

Broadway World: ***** “Authentically put together and told with such refreshing warmth and honesty, it is a show that everyone must see – as it packs a powerful gut punch, whilst making you laugh and actively think throughout.”

The Arts Desk: *** ” although it’s quite daring to let your Clean Break members have a playful laugh about how media misrepresents them, an hour-long show of short sketches really isn’t the same as a coherent drama. Stories about stories somehow aren’t as satisfying as straight stories.”

The Guardian: ** “It shows us, more than anything, what prison life is not. There is value in unmasking false representation, but it does not necessarily make for riveting theatre. The important question of whether authenticity is a prerequisite for drama – moral or otherwise – is left unanswered.”

Evening Standard: ** “This is a senseless squandering of potentially rich, informative and emotive material, as well as four warm and appealing performers. The work lasts only 60 minutes but it feels very long.”

The Upcoming: *** “It’s just a shame that the quietest, clearest moments dotted throughout the piece are swallowed up by scenes that often come close to (unintentionally) unravelling.”

The Reviews Hub: *** 1/2 “A small show with a lot to say, Inside Bitchskewers the creative process, its reliance on easy stereotypes and the assumptions we all make about what life behind bars is really like. It needs more focus and a bit of polish but the performances of Edkin, Joseph, Oudjar and Small are honest and full of heart.”

Inside B**ch continues to play at the Royal Court Theatre until the 23rd March.

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