Review Round Up: Richard II, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Discover what critics made of Adjoa Andoh and Lynette Linton’s new production of Richard II…

The Guardian: **** “If one definition of a first-rate Shakespeare production is that it makes one view the play afresh, this pioneering show eminently passes the test.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “This production of Richard II is not only stylish and fiercely performed, but it is a necessary staging; a masterclass in how to reclaim the often-feared Shakespeare.”

Evening Standard: **** “this is an accessible, lucid account of one of Shakespeare’s least earthy, most archaic plays, and the casting raises timely questions about who controls the levers of power.”

The FT: *** “It’s a narratively clear production, but one which in the end stands out for the wrong reasons.”

The Times: **** “The results are fantastically rich, the language reinvigorated. There’s a full-blooded urgency to ideas of nation, identity and ownership that extends to the artists’ relationship to Shakespeare: a sense of agency and authority shifting, crowns changing hands.”

Partially Obstructed View: “There were a few scenes that struggled to keep my concentration – it’s still early days and some of the energy may pick up – but this is largely an effective telling of the story, and I loved watching an audience member opposite me as her jaw literally dropped at some of the plot twists.”

Time Out: **** “Andoh and Linton’s ‘Richard II’ is, on the whole, a quiet version – sometimes a little too quiet – but that’s because it doesn’t need to shout; its ideas emerge elegantly by themselves.”

Richard II continues to play at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse until the 21st April.

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