Review Round Up: Still on My Mind by Dido

The singer is back with her first new album in five years which includes the songs ‘Hurricanes’ and ‘Take You Home’.

Pitchfork: “Dido’s fifth album, Still on My Mind, guides her even more into the path of serenity and easy listening electronics, with odes to marriage and motherhood that bask in their comforts.”

The Observer: ** “More boring and pointless than Brexit.”

Consequence of Sound: “Still on My Mind is a warm bathtub full of power pop.”

The Skinny: **** “Dido is an artist known for creating simple and beautiful songs. Although her familiar intimate voice is fully present and her caressing rhythm remains gentle, every song on the album is decorated with creative elements that transform the simplicity in her sound to a dynamic piece of art.”

MusicOMH: **** 1/2 “The introspective narrative may not be uncharted territory, but Dido chose these waters. She is unrivalled in navigating them with her disarming and melodic harmonies.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision: *** “As much as the world has needed a voice like Dido’s a spirit in which a painted picture comes to life with colour, in Still On My Mind, unfortunately the world has not been over blessed this time; a true shame, an album that is perhaps just far too still.”

Entertainment Focus: “Still On My Mind will sit proudly next to No Angel as one of Dido’s best albums. It’s superior to everything she’s done since then and it reminds you of why you feel in love with her gorgeous voice and songs in the first place.”

Irish Times: *** “Dido’s honeyed timbre is unchanged as she returns to the subtle electronic rhythms that made her a household name. In many ways, it’s as though time has stood still.”

The Times: *** “Back in the early noughties, no thirtysomething middle-class gathering was complete without Dido’s No Angel trilling away in the background. Just loud enough to be heard over the whirr of the spiralizer and the crunch of the coffee grinder, the songs had touches of dance music to let everyone feel connected to their fast-receding youth, and singer-songwriter reflection to suit the settled domestic world they were now entering into.”

All **** “stands impressively strong, a late-era peak that is refreshing in its fearlessness and comforting with a familiarity that doesn’t rest too heavily upon the past.”

The Arts Desk: *** “Fans will think it very much worth the wait, and it will doubtless make her new ones.”

Still on My Mind is out now.

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