Interview With…DNA

The mind reading duo are currently on tour with their show, coming to Live at Zedel on Monday 18th March. They chatted to Emma Clarendon about being on tour.

Hi thanks so much for talking to me. How is the tour going so far? It’s our pleasure! Thank you very much. The tour is going really well so far. We’re just over two thirds of the way through. Seen some beautiful parts of the UK, met some awesome audiences and the shows have been going better than we could have imagined!

For those who haven’t been yet – what can they expect from the show? We have designed a show with our audience at its heart. We get lots of people involved. Sometimes we get people on stage, other times we go out into the audience and sometimes people don’t even need to leave their seats and we can tell them what they’ve been thinking. We’re very proud of the show and feel it has a really positive feel to it and people have left saying they’ve had a really great time – that’s the best we could have hoped for.

How did you both come up with the act and start performing? We were both magicians from very early ages. It was the passion and drive to create something unique that pushed us into creating the act. We wanted to turn up somewhere with almost no props whatsoever and perform mind blowing unique material. It took years of hard work but we got there in the end!

What have you enjoyed the most about taking your show on tour? When we turn up to venues we’ve never been to and have a whole audience who have given up their time and money to come and see us is very humbling. Getting to visit places we’ve never been to before is also amazing. We feel like we’ve created lifelong memories along this tour and we will cherish them!

What was the best thing about appearing on BGT?
The show allowed us to be seen by millions of people all at the same time. You can’t really explain how that feels other than to say it was very hard explaining to people what our act was before we appeared on BGT – whereas now if people have seen us and you say do you know what DNA from Britain’s got talent do, they know straight away what we’re all about.

After the tour has finished what is next in store for you? We love performing live. So we’ll probably be looking to take this show further afield. We’ve already started working on a brand new show for next year too. We have some exciting things we can’t talk about too, people will just have to stay up to date on our social media if they want to know 🙂 all we’ll say is we’re getting to visit some pretty incredible places later this year!

By Emma Clarendon

DNA will be performing We Know What You’re Thinking at Live at Zedel on Monday 18th March before continuing to tour.

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