Review Round Up: Betrayal, Harold Pinter Theatre

Tom Hiddleston stars in Jamie Lloyd’s revival of Harold Pinter’s play. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

Culture Whisper: ***** ” The clarity and quality of Jamie Lloyd’s production make it feel as relevant as ever.”

City Am: “Pinter’s dissection of infidelity cuts deep, and this production brings it painfully to life. It’s a must-see, unless you happen to be having marital problems.”

London Theatre1: ***** “Pinter’s dissection of infidelity cuts deep, and this production brings it painfully to life. It’s a must-see, unless you happen to be having marital problems.”

The Telegraph: **** “one which not only re-confirms Betrayal as a modern masterpiece, built to last, but reassures us that Hiddleston has got the theatrical acting chops to head up there among the greats.”

WhatsOnStage: **** ” It is Betrayal as I’ve never seen it before, and like this entire season, it bathes Pinter in a brilliant new light.”

Time Out:***** “But it’s Lloyd’s take that burns into the mind. It feels like after absorbing countless plays by Pinter about queasy power plays and shifting identities he has reached an understanding of ‘Betrayal’ that eludes most directors.”

Exeunt Magazine: “I don’t feel like I’ve seen anything for ages where you can just feel that the director completely loves the text. Jamie Lloyd – he’s soaked into it. The purpose, and deliberation. You can imagine that every line was pored over, considered.”

London ***** “This is a magnificent, searing account of Pinter’s most autobiographically charged play (inspired by an affair he had himself when he was already married), and it brings Lloyd’s classy season of Pinter at the Pinter to an end with a fine flourish.”

London Box **** “The three beautiful people performing on the spartan, trip-wire triggered, travelator stage, remind us what it’s like to be in the prime of life, at the height of one’s powers and yet still be able to conjure situations for ourselves, which whilst thrilling, carry a constant threat of cataclysmic implosion.”

Stage **** “Elegant, pared back and graceful to watch, Betrayal turns the clock back on an affair, starting long after its conclusion and working its way towards its inception.”

Broadway World: ***** “The star power certainly works, but it’s just one aspect of the brilliance of this last instalment. Lloyd’s direction, combined with the depths of the intricacies of the text, is enough to make the show a well-rounded success of its own.”

The Independent: ***** “Jamie Lloyd directs an exceptionally thoughtful production of this time-reverse play.”

Evening Standard: **** “This sparse, elegant production closes Lloyd’s revelatory and handsomely cast season of Pinter’s shorter pieces in the theatre that bears the playwright’s name. Like so much of this six-month venture, it’s a surprising and unsparing interpretation, in which every detail counts.”

The Guardian: **** “Yet the revelation of this excellent production is its reminder that betrayal is never-ending and that the one deceived forever haunts the imagination.”

Londonist: ***** “Tom Hiddleston gives a terrific performance to suggest the hurt and anger behind Robert’s urbane mask, while Zawe Ashton strongly conveys the sensual Emma’s conflicted feelings and Charlie Cox captures Jerry’s amiable self-centredness. All three make the most of Pinter’s famous pauses, hinting at a subtext of complex emotions beneath the platitudes.”

The Times: **** “Two people meet in a bar. They clink drinks. They talk in a stilted way that makes you think they are in a Harold Pinter play. They are, of course, but that is not the point: Emma and Jerry have an actual reason to be awkward. They are former lovers who have not met for two years and all can see their passion has cooled to ice-lolly levels.”

i News: **** “Hiddleston wields knowing amusement like a weapon – but when the emotion comes, oh my god it really floods. There’s an astonishing, long-held moment when he looks at Ashton – his brow somehow a repository for years of bruised tenderness. In a silence, his eyes fill with tears, and it barely feels like acting at all. In moments such as this, Betrayal does illuminate the heart.”

The Daily Mail: *** “The play is over 40 years old and Jamie Lloyd’s taut production modernises it with High Street fashions and Soutra Gilmour’s pale Spartan set. And yet it remains a period piece scrutinising the small agonies of the metropolitan bubble in the 1970s. If Hiddleston’s to recapture the public imagination he’ll need something splashier.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Hiddleston is superb, in fact, alternately smoldering, bristling, comic and cryingoffering the character’s icy aloofness and manipulativeness, but also showing vulnerability, particularly in the powerful scene in Venice when Robert fishes for an admission of infidelity from his wife.”

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