First Impressions of…Toy Story 4

A brand new trailer has been released for the eagerly anticipated new film in the series.

As one of the most eagerly anticipated animated films of 2019, it would be fair to say that this new full length trailer certainly adds to the excitement and anticipation.

Back for a new adventure, Toy Story 4 looks set to be as heartwarming as the other three in the series, offering as always insights into the importance of strong friendships and looking out for one another. But this trailer also shows just how important a toy is in a child’s mind – particularly if they are utterly unique as new character Forky is, created from scratch by Buzz and Woody’s new owner Bonnie. In a world filled with horror and discrimination, it is always a comfort to see the world through the quirky characters created in Toy Story to teach us all that the world isn’t as bad as it seems.

This new trailer also reveals just how the series is trying to evolve and adapt, approaching the story and characters in new ways but keeping that element of familiarity – as shown during the glimpses of which Woody and Forky try to find their way back to Bonnie (reminiscent of the original film of Woody and Buzz’s adventures). It is glimpses of the film such as this that can make you wonder just how much more of a story can be given to these characters.

However, this aside there is still plenty of warmth and good nature to be found in by returning to these characters that is strongly revealed in the way in which all of our favourite characters are given a moment in the spotlight to reassure us all that the gang are still together.

Filled with adventure and laughs, Josh Cooley’s film will most likely delight fans of the franchise as well as attempting to encourage new audiences to come along and see it. In a world filled with gloom and horror, it is somewhat comforting to know that Toy Story is returning to the big screens to offer us all a little bit of escapism from the real world even only for brief time.

Toy Story 4 is released in cinemas on the 21st June.

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