Review Round Up: Emilia, Vaudeville Theatre

Following a successful run at the Shakespeare’s Globe, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s play has transferred to the West End. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

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Musical Manda: **** “An oddly humorous, yet thought provoking and emotionally driven production, Emilia is certainly able to – just what Emilia herself always wanted – be heard.”

Variety: “If it puts women on a pedestal, “Emilia” is at its sharpest when poking fun at men. Its diverse, all-female cast drag up and deliver pastiche after pastiche, all the funnier when emasculated by doublet and hose.”

The Metro: **** “t’s a tale told with verve, energy and anger. If I have a gripe it’s that the infectious zeal leads to the trap of using 21st century morality to judge the circumstances of 17th century protagonists.”

British ***** “in its new home, it continues to be an empowering call to arms that roars with anger and pain.”

Time Out: *** “I wanted the play to be suppler, and to show rather than tell. Even speeches that hit the mark in both centuries – as when Lloyd Malcolm skewers the exoticisation of women of colour, or writes so beautifully about the cost of becoming a mother to women’s sense of self – are often proclaimed rather than embodied.”

Evening Standard: **** “With its elements of pantomime and love of boisterous backchat, this is an entertaining show. It’s also a rousing reminder of the countless creative women who have been written out of history or have had to fight relentlessly to make themselves heard.”

West End Wilma: *** “Albeit a relevant play with important themes and an admirable accessibility programme in place – offering the West End’s first known parent and baby performance this April – Emilia doesn’t quite suit the space.”

Culture Whisper: **** “Yes, Emilia is unsubtle in its call for female empowerment, but sometimes subtlety is a privileged position to take. What makes Emilia resound most is that through this modern refashioning, Emilia Bassano’s works are made known once again, and she is given a voice.”

Broadway World: **** “It may not be subtle theatre, but her directness is emboldening, annihilating the advice handed down to generations of women to be quiet, accommodating, sweet, obedient and patient. Time is up, and polite calls for change too slow – in theatre, in society, everywhere. Instead, join Emilia, and countless others, in this cathartic roar.”

British Theatre Guide: “That is a powerful, important and many would suggest vital message but it doesn’t necessarily stem directly from the subject matter in a patchy play that is intermittently funny, informative and unlikely.”

Emilia continues to play at the Vaudeville Theatre until the 15th June. to book tickets click here or visit: Last, Theatre Tickets, Love, See Tickets, From the Box Office, West End Theatre Breaks or Encore Tickets.

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