PREVIEW: Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet, Royal Academy of Arts

On display from the 30th June, the Royal Academy will offer a rare opportunity for visitors to see the artist’s work.

Félix Vallotton, Bathing on a Summer Evening, 1892-93. Kunsthaus Zürich, Gottfried Keller Foundation, Federal Office of Culture, Berne, 1965.

The Royal Academy of Arts is set to present the first UK exhibition exploring the Swiss artist’s work since 1976, bringing together a number of his  paintings and prints.

Comprised of 100 works from public and private collections across Europe and the U.S, Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet will highlight his unique vision by presenting works from every part of his career.

Organised by theme, the display will open with a section dedicated to Vallotton’s work from the 1880s, following his arrival in Paris at the age of sixteen and will feature his earliest known self-portrait, Self-portrait at the Age of Twenty, 1885 (Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne) and the linear clarity of the painting The Sick Girl, 1892 (Kunsthaus, Zürich). 

The second section will bring together work from a period of radical development for Vallotton and his becoming part of a circle of writers, critics, and artists surrounding the influential cultural periodical La Revue blanch.

Another section of the display will concentrate on the artist’s work in female nude. It will include works such as Nude Holding her Gown, 1904 (Private Collection) and Models Resting, 1905, (Kunst Museum Winterthur), while a focus will also be placed on paintings and prints produced during the First World War. The exhibition will conclude with a survey of Vallotton’s landscapes and still-life paintings. 

Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet will be on display at the Royal Academy of Arts from the 30th June until the 29th September.

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