Interview With…Melinda Hughes

She chatted to Love London Love Culture’s Emma Clarendon about her show The Satirical Diva, playing at Live at Zedel on the 10th April.

Hi Melinda, thanks so much for talking to me. What can audiences expect from your show The Satirical Diva? Satirical Diva is a fun packed hour of comical songs backed by a live Jazz Trio. Our songs cover topics from grammar, hipsters, politics, sex pest cowboys, selfies and internet trolling. Some of its a bit naughty!

What do you love the most about performing on stage? I’ve been an opera singer for over twenty years and for me telling the story was so important and to move the audience as well as being central to the most amazing music. With the satirical Diva shows I get a big kick out of seeing people laugh at songs we have written. There’s much more freedom in these shows so its a laugh for everyone.

How did you get into singing originally and how did your career go from what you did first to what you do now? I’ve always been singing, since I was a little girl – I was head of choir and took the leads in the school plays – it was inevitable !  I do more of the cabaret at the moment as its so niche, I just received more work in this area and it just led on from there.

You have had mix of guests appear with you on stage as part of The Satirical Diva, so what do you enjoy so much about sharing the stage with a range of performers?  I will have the dashing young duo Bounder & Cad do a song and a duet with me. We’ve written a song  called the Cougar where I, an older woman explain the virtues of dating someone more mature. It’s a lot of fun and well, I see it as ‘Youth outreach.’

After the show at Live at Zedel what is next in store for you? I will be writing a new radio series with Bounder & Cad and my co-writer Jeremy Limb as well as concentrating on my Edinburgh show.

By Emma Clarendon

Melinda Hughes: The Satirical Diva guest starring Bounder and Cad will be at Live at Zedel at 9.15pm on Thursday 10th April. For tickets go to

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