Review Round Up: Scary Bikers, Trafalgar Studios

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for John Godber’s comedy about life and bike riding.

The Times: **** “This is the best play I’ve seen, by far, on Brexit and why people voted Leave — give yourself a treat and go and see it.”

Broadway World: ***** “Of course, acting is much easier if the script is as tight as this one, barely a word unrequired and with pauses and looks as eloquent in their storytelling as any jibe or rejoinder.”

The Telegraph: *** “Having complained last week that the National Theatre has missed a substantial trick by failing to rustle up a topical drama addressing the long-brewing current crisis, it’s a relief to report that elsewhere in town Yorkshire playwright John Godber, 62, has delivered at least some of the goods.

The Guardian: **** “Godber has a gift for evoking a whole world through a single line”

A Younger Theatre: ***** “Godber and Thornton are a delicious duo, both their natural chemistry and well-timed lines are endearing.”

West End Wilma: **** “The chemistry between the two actors was clear, and they manage a feat that many of us couldn’t – both living with and working with their spouse! The comedy in Godber’s writing is perfectly relevant, and provokes an important discussion about the state of British politics, and the sense in believing politicians.”

London Theatre1: **** “its beautifully-crafted characters may very well fade away along with its political message. Either way, Godber invites us to consider our own position, as both people and votesr, regardless of what camp we fall into: remain (you’ll want to stay in your seat until the end) or leave (with a smile printed firmly on your face).”

Theatre Weekly: **** ” the play still remains an easy to follow comedy that doesn’t force, or require any opinions on that particularly divisive matter. If anything, it will make a miserable day better, and show that even in dark days one can discover joy.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “But the real velocity comes from the performances. Godber gets the laughs ever time with his gruff but profound portrayal and Thornton brings a beautiful arc as Carol grows and escapes the fear and anxiety which sat upon her. Ultimately, if a play which keeps mentioning Brexit can make you laugh, it’s a good’un in my books.”

British Theatre Guide: “If you are a big fan of experimental theatre or unintelligible existentialism, this evening out will not be to your taste. Instead, Scary Bikers is an archetypal John Godber play, offering many laughs, some sharp political satire and good, old-fashioned, heart-warming entertainment with a Yorkshire twang.”

Everything Theatre: **** “Overall, a gentle but very funny and entertaining evening. Highly recommended.”

Scary Bikers continues to play at the Trafalgar Studios until the 4th May . To book tickets visit: ATG Tickets, Love, Theatre Tickets and Last

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