NEWS: Beats on Pointe to Return to the Peacock Theatre

The Australian dance show will be returning to the Peacock Theatre from the 21st May.

Combining two very dance styles in one show, Beats on Pointe will return to London next month, highlighting both ballet and street dancing in a mash-up of styles. The show combines dynamic dance with music and song,beat-boxing and a touch of comedy.

The show is produced by Australian dance company, Masters of Choreography which was formed by Jennifer and Milo Masters in 2014. Talking about the show Jennifer Masters, the show’s director, producer, writer and director of choreography said: “Beats on Pointe is a great showcase of not only the talent we have in Australia, but also how diverse and inclusive dance truly is.  Our dancers have outdone themselves with this show and the merging of the two styles to integrate in a way that looks good, makes sense and keeps audiences engaged, has been an amazing experience for everyone involved.  The response to Beats on Pointe has been incredible and it’s a dream come true to be selling out in over 7 countries across 3 continents including heading back to the Peacock Theatre in London – which we love!”

The creative team for the production also will include: chief ballet choreography is by dancer and elite gymnast Emma Vaiano; street dance choreography is by Melbourne-based Phill Haddad who has also contributed poetic text while hip-hop choreography is by New Zealander Alexander Lima.

Meanwhile, the cast for the production will include: Brodie Chesher, Burak Cagin, Georgia Mae Rutland, Jake Paul Green, Jamane Virdo, Kealy Fouracre, Kelly Hemsley, Lissy Jaye, Natalie Debono, Oriana Siew-Kim, Phillip Egan, Taylor Diamond-Lord.

Beats on Pointe will play at the Peacock Theatre from the 21st May until the 16th June.To book tickets click here or visit: Love, Theatre Tickets Direct, From the Box Office, Encore Tickets, See Tickets or Last

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