PREVIEW: Unrestricted View Film Festival 2019

Details of the 2019 Unrestricted View Film Festival have been released ahead of the festival running from the 23rd to the 28th April.

The North London based Unrestricted View Film Festival has announced its 2019 programme for its fourth year. Launched in 2016, the festival continues to expand with the opening night film to be shown not only at The Screen On The Green but for this year, for the first time, screenings will also be held in Islington’s Vue Cinema; this development will further help the festival to establish itself as a notable cultural event across Islington.

The opening film, Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours, will kick off the 6-day event with a screening at The Screen on the Green at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd April, with the festival going on to screen a further ninety-five films.

Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours is a micro-budget independent feature film drama that was shot over the course of one year, using only volunteers. It follows two ambitious detectives’ (played by Karl Kennedy-Williams and Judson Vaughan) as they stakeout a potential drugs ring. The story moves back and forth between a present day thread a look into the future – witnessing how quickly the central characters rose through the ranks of the police force while investigating a suspected gang related murder with racial connotations.

As with previous years, The Hen & Chickens Theatre, an independent theatre and screening room hub in the centre of Islington, will act as the core of the festival, with the pub below serving as the networking and meeting place for filmmakers and fans alike.

The Creative Director of the festival, James Wren, said: “The UVFF festival is run by filmmakers for filmmakers we’re passionate about celebrating all aspects of independent film making and creating platforms for up and coming artists. Year upon year, the festival keeps getting bigger and better and this year, and really excited by the addition of the Islington Vue as a venue to showcase our magnificent slate of short films. The festival programme includes creative teams from across the world. We’re also hosting events and workshops throughout the week at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, so there is a lot for people to get involved in!”

Some of the highlights of this year’s festival include:

Barren and Empty the Sea (Director: Lucas Parnes & Jesus Serna) – Thursday 25th April, 5pm –Esteban wakes up one morning and everybody accuses him of being a stranger that happens to look just like Esteban. They say Esteban is missing and has been for days. This original film by duo Jesus Serna and Lucas Parnes will leave you wondering about the gap that exists between how we see ourselves and how others see us.

                Some Kind Of Love (Director: Jack Grewar) – Thursday 25th April, 7pm – Following a tragedy, a young woman returns to her home town and embarks on a dangerous affair whilst sinking deeper into alcohol and drug addiction.

Automata (Director: Lawrie Brewster) – Friday 26th April, 7pm – ‘Automata’ tells the story of an antiques expert called upon to authenticate a three-hundred-year-old clockwork doll with a notorious history, the ‘Infernal Princess’. Soon he is under its corrupting influence, and finds himself the target of dark forces beyond his control.

Meanwhile, The UVFF Awards will be presented on Sunday April 28th, at The Hen and Chickens, after careful deliberation by the panel of judges made up of novelist Martina Cole (Novelist), TV producers Barry Ryan & David Walton, former producer of BFI London Film Festival Emilie Arnold, award winning writer Si Spencer, award winning actor Richard Glover, film director Mark Lo, agent Corrie McGuire, award winning actress and director Emily Haigh and actress Angela Peters.

The Unrestricted View Film Festival will take place between the 23rd to the 28th April.

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