Five Minutes With… Olivia Rose Smith

The actress chatted to us about her latest role in Hannah Hauer-King’s production of the Amber Trap at Theatre503.

Hi Olivia could you explain what The Amber Trap is about? Amber trap is about identity, love, consent, relationships. It’s about life really, the struggles that people face and how they cope.

What did you initially think of Tabitha Mortiboy’s play when you first read it? I fell in love straight away. The honesty in her writing and the accuracy of the human condition was so exciting. So playful but with such weight.

Was there anything in particular about the play that made you want to be involved? I really connected with my character Katie. I’ve seen her- I know people like her. I was excited to have the opportunity to go on this journey with Damsel Productions!

How have rehearsals been going? Great, really wonderful. I feel well looked after and given such a safe space to create in.

What has it been like working alongside director Hannah Hauer-King? What a woman! She’s brilliant. Thoughtful, thought provoking. Detailed and direct.

How would you describe The Amber Trap? It’s tough, it will talk to people in different ways. It shows people in need of stimulation and shows people unable to say how they truly feel. I think it’s a really beautifully subtle play. Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

By Emma Clarendon

The Amber Trap will play at Theatre503 from the 24th April until the 18th May.

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