First Impressions…The Lion King

The first full length trailer for the live-action remake of the classic Disney film has been released. Here’s a few thoughts on it…

Drama and spectacle are two words that automatically spring to mind when you first watch this trailer for this remake of the classic animated film. But behind this – can audiences hope that this film will add something new to the beloved story or make them see it differently?

Well yes and no. While it is clear that a lot has gone into the film visually, judging by this trailer it is difficult to feel connected to this version of The Lion King – despite the inclusion of ‘ The Circle of Life’ as the background music and hearing the comforting vocals of James Earl Jones. The trailer feels as though it is trying too hard to sell the film on the basis of visuals alone as opposed to trying to excite us about revisiting the story in a different way.

However, on the other side of this it is also clear that Jon Favreau’s film will heighten the sense of drama during the action packed elements of the story and it is comforting to see the inclusion of Timon and Pumbaa towards the end of the trailer to highlight that the film will (hopefully) still have a lighter element to it.

The lavishness of the visuals makes the trailer feel like a nature documentary and it is undeniable there will be exquisite detail involved – but I can’t help but wonder if too much focus will be placed on the look of the film rather than the beloved characters and story – particularly as a loyal fan of the original film.

Overall, there is no denying that this will spectacular to watch on the big screen – but will it be enough to entice fans of the original animated film to come along and see this new version? Only time will tell.

The Lion King will be in cinemas on July 19th.

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