The actress chatted to us about her current role in The Half God of Rainfall.

(c) Dan Tsantilis.

Could you explain more about what The Half God of Rainfall is about? The play is about Half God Demi, his mortal mother Modupé and how their lives are affected by the Nigerian-Órisà Gods and the Greek-Olympian Gods. It’s about love, fame, abuse of power, female solidarity, toxic masculinity, revenge, redemption, major league basketball and rain.

What were your initial impressions of the play when you first read it? I was struck by the scope of Inua’s epic poem, how relevant the themes are, the use of language, the twelve syllables on every line.

How are you feeling about performing at the Kiln Theatre? I last worked here on ‘King Hedley 2nd’ during the snowy winter of 2002 so I’m looking forward to be performing in the now beautifully refurbished theatre.

What are you most looking forward to about performing this play? I’m looking forward to sharing Inua’s extraordinary piece.

How are you finding working with director Nancy Medina? I’m loving working with Nancy. Her insight, scrutiny, creative rigour, empathy, honesty, kindness, generosity and warmth have made rehearsing this play an absolute joy.

If people are coming along – what can they expect? People should expect an epic poem, old school story-telling, a myriad of characters and two actors.

By Emma Clarendon

The Half God of Rainfall is continues to play at the Birmingham Rep until the 20th April before transferring to the Kiln Theatre from the 25th April until the 17th May.