NEWS: The Wardrobe Ensemble’s Education, Education, Education to Play at Trafalgar Studios

The theatre company will bring their award winning production of Education, Education, Education to the Trafalgar Studios from the 31st May.

Directed by Jesse Jones and Helena Middleton, Education, Education, Education is set in 1997 at a slowly disintegrating secondary school and is a love letter to the 90’s – filled with hits from artists such as Oasis, Katrina and the Waves, The Spice Girls.

It’s May 1997.The iPhone doesn’t exist, no one knows who Harry Potter is, Titanic is on the shelves of every Blockbuster and we have just won Eurovision. Britain is the coolest place in the world.

At the local secondary school it’s a different story. It’s the last week of term and Tobias, the new German language assistant has just arrived in the UK. While political change occurs outside of the classroom, a revolution slowly starts to take place within it. Tobias is greeted by a group of eccentric schoolteachers just trying to make it through the day, including Miss Belltop-Doyle who can’t control her year 10s and Mr Pashley who is trying to keep a confiscated Tamagotchi alive.

Written by The Wardrobe Ensemble, the show takes audiences back to the 1990’s, filled with references to Teletubbies, jokes about Take That and the Macarena.

The cast for the production is set to include Tom Brennan (Paul McIntyre), Ben Vardy (Tim Pashley), Jesse Meadows (Susan Belltop-Doyle), Emily Greenslade (Emily Greenslade), James Newton (Tobias) and Tom England (Hugh Mills).

Meanwhile, the creative team includes design by Lucy Sierra, lighting design by Katharine Williams, sound design by Ben Grant and a dramaturg by Bea Roberts.

Education, Education, Education will play at the Trafalgar Studios from the 31st May until the 29th June. To book tickets click here or visit: Love, Encore Tickets, From the Box Office, Last or Theatre Tickets

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