REVIEW: The Murdér Express: Jewel of the Empire, Funicular Productions, Pedley Street Station

This latest immersive experience from Funicular Productions combines excellent food with lively entertainment to make for a fun evening out.

For those looking for a completely unique and entertaining way to spend an evening this will be right up your street. Following on from their productions such as Journey to the Underworld and The Greatest Snowman, Funicular Productions have created a brand new experience – filled with shady characters and an element of mystery about it.

Unfolding as almost a spoof version of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express – with the additional element of a precious jewel going missing, Jewel of the Empire in an immensely enjoyable way to spend the evening. Thanks to the liveliness and enthusiasm of the cast and the well thought out plot (with of course a twist towards the end), guests are swept on an intriguing and engaging journey that keeps the entertainment (and innuendo) levels high.

But alongside the performance, guests are treated to an extremely high quality and delicious menu of food, created especially by Master Chef The Professionals winner Laurence Henry and filled with completely unique and delicious flavours that compliment each other well.

Particular highlights from the menu included an Amuse Bouche of cherry tomato gazpacho jelly, sour dough and aged balsamic – which was exquisitely flavoured. Meanwhile, the main course of chicken ballotine stuffed with sundried tomatoes and fine herbs served with black garlic and crushed jersey royal potatoes was delicately tasty and simply but beautifully presented. The dessert of strawberry and white chocolate jewel was the perfect way to finish the meal – full of creaminess but not too heavy and a lovely summer inspired pudding.

As always, there was a good variety of cocktails also available to sip on and enjoy that also compliment the food well. I particularly enjoyed The Sparkling Jewel cocktail formed of champagne and Cassis liqueur it was mixed to perfection and felt like an entirely appropriate drink to have while trying to solve the mystery!

The whole experience has been carefully thought out – particularly not going overboard with character interactions with the guests or trying to overplay the story, but keeps it feeling as natural as possible to make the audience feel like equal participants .

Once again Funicular Productions have created a entertaining and relaxing experience that engages guests from start to finish but without being too pushy about audience participation. It is a fun, lively and unique experience that delivers in every element of what it includes to the highest quality.

By Emma Clarendon

Jewel of the Empire will be departing Pedley Street Station daily until the 31st August. To book tickets visit See Tickets

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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