REVIEW: Little Death Club, Underbelly Festival

Based on Weimar Kabarett, Little Death Club is a rowdy and hilarious celebration of standing out from the crowd.

(c) Alistair Veryard Photography.

If ever a cabaret show was more sexy, bold and as inclusive as Little Death Club is then I have yet to discover it. This is a show which has no patience or time for discrimination, making everyone feel welcome and keeping them thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

Hosted by the sharply funny Bernie Dieter, whose impressively hilarious repertoire of original songs and stunning vocals are as equally as strong as her witty put downs (hint: for goodness sake if you do send her a message – don’t add any incriminating photographs of any part of yourself!), Little Death Club is filled with naughtiness and playfulness that is a delight to watch unfold.

As well as keeping the audience on their toes, Little Death Club also has moments of real beauty – thanks to wonderful contortion and aerial routines performed with real grace and sincerity by Beau Sargent that highlight the sadness of being treated differently. Meanwhile, Fancy Chance’s extraordinary hair hanging routine is equally as mesmerising to watch, having been gorgeously choreographed.

It is also a show that you never fully know what is coming next – particularly thanks to a memorable performance of ‘I Know Him So Well’ from Myra DuBois, Josh Glanc’s mime routine with a difference and Kitty Bang Bang’s impressively dangerous fire breathing routine that shows just how exciting and imaginative cabaret can be.

The Little Death Club is a show with a real sense of pride of being able to celebrate our bodies and personalities in any way we choose – particularly in this time when society thinks its ok to be as judgemental as possible. Having been judged with regards to my height by random people on the streets of London myself in recent weeks – this show on a personal level was definitely offered me confidence boost to understand that its not me with the problem but those who are being judgemental.

Overall, Little Death Club is an irresistible, loveable cabaret that throughly entertains from start to finish. If you are in need of cheering up then this is most definitely the place to come.

By Emma Clarendon

Little Death Club continues to play at the Underbelly Festival until the 23rd June.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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