Review Round Up: Rosmersholm, Duke of York’s Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for this new adaptation of Ibsen’s play.

Credit: Johan Persson

Time Out: *** “This revival probably isn’t the revelation it needed to be to elevate this weird, haunting play into the crowded Ibsen first division.”

The Stage: *** “for all the turbulent emotions on display, Ian Rickson’s production feels frustratingly stiff and static. Atwell’s rich, humane performance transcends this, but it remains a rather thinky, talky production. It engages the brain without stirring the heart.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “The detail of the playing and the flair of the staging – the ending is as brilliant as it is shocking – make a strong case for this play and its heady mix of sex and politics.”

Evening Standard: **** “Burke broods darkly as the wavering Rosmer, gnawed by guilt and submerged desire. Yet it’s Atwell who truly mesmerises as his would-be soulmate. In keeping with Ibsen’s requirements, her Rebecca is a mix of refinement and ruthlessness. There’s a lovely freedom and lightness in her interpretation, but even as she radiates reasonableness a hint of danger always lingers.”

Credit: Johan Persson

The Telegraph: **** “Critics, and the public, have long since recognised the Norwegian master’s greatness, but around Rosmersholm there lurks a sustained lack of familiarity that has drifted into acquired indifference. Anthony Page made the case for it at the Almeida a decade ago but now Ian Rickson, a byword for directorial meticulousness, has taken the plunge with a West End production of revelatory finesse”

London Box Office: **** “I loved the atmosphere of the play, created by set and lighting, managing to be suffocating whilst comforting, and the actors were mostly superb.”

ReviewsGate: **** “The play could really not be better done and although all the performances are good the evening belongs to Atwell’s Rebecca as she struggles with the men who surround her, weak, malevolent, and cruel.”

The Guardian: ***** “a production that sends you out into the night reeling under the impact of Ibsen’s tantalising masterpiece.”

Credit: Johan Persson

Broadway World: **** “the vitality of Atwell’s performance somewhat eclipses her male co-stars. But this is still a deft revival, mining a classic work for gripping modern drama.”

The Times: **** “The politics are bang up to date in a drama in which passions are raging over equality, free thought and even democracy.”

A Younger Theatre: **** “So, while there are moments and lines which feel slightly jarring or out of place, Rosmersholm is really enjoyable. It’s visually epic and shamelessly so. It may rely on this a shade too much, but it can afford to. The cinematic world that the play exists in is beautiful and alluring, befitting the story and its characters.”

British ***** “Rosmersholm is one of Ibsen’s least performed plays but, with Macmillan’s adaptation, it now feels one of the most topical.”

Rosmersholm will play at the Duke of York’s Theatre until the 20th July. To book tickets click here or visit: Encore TicketsATG TicketsLove Theatre.comFrom the Box OfficeTheatre Tickets Tickets, West End Theatre Breaks or Last

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