Interview With… Richard Cant

The actor chatted to Emma Clarendon about his latest role in Wife at the Kiln Theatre.

(c)Marc Brenner

Hi Richard.Can you explain what ‘Wife’ is about? Taking Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House’ as it’s starting point –  ‘Wife’ revolves around an extended family over many decades – and explores, in different contexts and ages, the possibility or otherwise of freedom to define ourselves in our relationships.

How are you feeling about being involved with this world premiere? I’m excited! It’s wonderful to be working on a new play, with a brilliant director, and a great writer – who is in the room with us, as we discover and interpret his characters.

What made you want to be involved with this production? The writing of Samuel Adamson, and the opportunity to work with Indhu Rubasingam at Kiln.

It seems the play explores a lot about how attitudes toward relationships and marriages have changed over the years – how do you think this will impact on audiences? It’ll be very personal, I think. Depending on your relationship, your parents’ relationship, or your children’s lives. Whatever your experience has been, there’ll be something in there that makes you re-evaluate, something in there you’ll recognise, something in there that may challenge your assumptions. I think some people will find it very witty, some very dark, or a heady mixture of both!

What were your initial impressions of Samuel Adamson’s play? I found it intensely interesting to read – I had no idea where it would go, from moment to moment. The play is incredibly fresh, and the humour tickled me, while the emotional pull was creeping up to surprise me with it’s power.

For those who are coming along what can they expect from the production? Great writing, exciting direction, great attention to detail in the designs, the lighting, the sound, and the acting, surprising characters, and a thought provoking delve into the human condition.

By Emma Clarendon

Wife plays at the Kiln Theatre from the 30th May until the 6th July.

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