Review Round Up: AI: More Than Human, Barbican

The Barbican’s latest exhibition explores our relationship with artificial intelligence. Love London Love Culture rounds up the critics reviews….

Co(AI)xistence, Justine Emard 2017, video installation, 12′ with Mirai Moriyama & Alter (developed by Ishiguro lab, Osaka University and Ikegami Lab, Tokyo University)
Justine Emard / Adagp, Paris 201

Time Out: ** “Much of what’s on display fails the ‘so what?’ test. So what, if a basic robotic arm can now pour a G&T? So what, if a computer can create so-called ‘artworks’? The question here isn’t whether this stuff is better than humans, it’s why should we care.”

The Guardian: ** ” The question I’m left with is why so much is being invested in talking up the creativity of AI. Maybe we are all kids at heart who want a robot friend. Or maybe it suits powerful tech interests to bathe themselves in utopian, or even dystopian, glamour when all they’re really doing is using inert algorithms to manipulate consumers and mindless robots to replace a human workforce.”

The Times: **** “A new show about artificial intelligence exposes humanity’s inadvertent hubris”

Evening Standard: **** “The show is best at analysing the diverse practical uses of AI and its ethical and cultural effects.”

The Telegraph: *** “The rise of Artificial Intelligence, suggests the Barbican in notes to its exhibition “AI: More Than Human”, is both “daunting and liberating”. How powerfully the show’s curators must have felt those twin sentiments as they plotted their exploration of a technology that, rightly, they estimate to be of central significance in our lives.”

Books & Boots: “A major risk with creating an exhibition like this, most of which seems to consist of funky digital art works, is that the artworks hugely distract from the actual, intellectual questions we should be asking.”

AI: More Than Human is on display at the Barbican until the 26th August.

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