Interview With…Scott Le Crass

The director chatted to us about reviving Country Music by Simon Stephens at the Omnibus Theatre from the 29th May.

Thanks so much for talking to me.What can you tell me about Country Music’? It’s a play about how one act can determine and shape the future. It follows a mans life over 20 years and the fall out of a crime he commits. It’s also a play about redemption.

What made you want to be involved with this production? I’ve loved the play for years and it’s been on my list. It hasn’t be performed since it’s original production at the Royal Court in 2004 and I wanted to revive it.I’m drawn to how often, the text is so sparse, but it’s brimming with subtext and tension. It’s a very human play. 

What were your first impressions of the play?  How strong the story and how complex the relationships are. It made me think about how our experiences can inform who we become. 

How are you feeling about reviving ‘Country Music’? Hugely excited. It’s a gift of play.

What can audiences expect from the production? Hopefully they will think about their own redemption and forgiveness of others. 

By Emma Clarendon

Country Music will play at the Omnibus Theatre from the 29th May until the 23rd June.

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