Review Round Up: Wife, Kiln Theatre

Discover what critics made of Indhu Rubasingham’s production playing until the 6th July.

(c)Marc Brenner.

The Times: ** “this curious beast in which Ibsen’s Nora is used as a way of examining unsatisfactory marriages, gay and straight, over the period of decades. Adamson uses Nora almost as a lure, dangled before us, making us want to keep watching.”

The Stage: **** “The play is consistently thought-provoking and sensitive about relationships.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Wife is very much a play for today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. It’s thought-provoking, wonderfully theatrical and, despite its flaws, pretty gorgeous. I enjoyed it enormously.”

The Telegraph: **** “Samuel Adamson ingeniously revisits the play, and springboards from reprised versions of that scene to explore shifting theatrical approaches and evolving societal norms about marriage and personal relations”

The Guardian: **** “the great quality of his play is that it shows we are still waiting for the miracle promised at the end of A Doll’s House and that the quest for the ideal continues.”

Exeunt Magazine: “There’s a thrilling cumulative power to the relationships in Wife, which incrementally builds as the complexities of their interconnectedness is carefully revealed.”

Time Out: **** “although it may be flawed, it is still deeply enjoyable and often moving.”

British Theatre Guide: “As a result, although Wife can occasionally seem a little contrived in its efforts to get messages across, particularly in the early scenes, it is impressive, enjoyable and thought-provoking.”

Wife continues to play at the Kiln Theatre until the 6th July.

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