Review Round Up: Kiss My Genders, Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery’s latest exhibition celebrates the work of artists whose art explores gender identity.

The Guardian: ***** “You can’t fail to be seduced by this show’s glorious assault on all of our assumptions. It shows that gender is mobile because we live in our heads, not our biology.”

Time Out: **** “This massive exhibition of art that takes a radical look at gender moves us ever closer to being able to delete the word ‘radical’. ‘Kiss My Genders’ pushes society towards accepting a more fluid approach to gender identity: it demystifies it and normalises it. If art can help knock bigotry down a few pegs, it’s doing something right.”

Evening Standard: **** “Excitement and celebration of fluid identities dominate this show, featuring 30 artists spanning the past half century; it’s often thrillingly exuberant. But amid the flamboyance is also a crucial sense of activism.”

The Telegraph: *** “Here’s the irony about the Hayward Gallery’s invigorating new exhibition Kiss My Genders: for a show about gender fluidity, foregrounding work by LGBT artists from around the world, a lot of what we see is remarkably straight.”

The Arts Desk: *** “the exhibition is a shambles. A lot of the work is bad and the rest is installed so confusingly and labelled so poorly that many good artists are seriously diminished.”

Londonist: *** “The curation of this show is a bit of a mess, with photographs by different artists mixed together, no obvious context given. The works lack punch and colour without the stories and narratives behind them, and I’m left wondering what each piece is trying to say.”

Culture Whisper: ***** “The richness and diversity of the works on show are more than enough to absorb you, but it’s the contradictions and conversations between them that are the most striking.”

Kiss My Genders is on display at the Hayward Gallery until the 8th September.

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