First Look at…Bitter Wheat at the Garrick Theatre

Production images have been released for David Mamet’s production, which officially opens at the Garrick Theatre on the 19th June.

(c)Manuel Harlan.

This world premiere production of Bitter Wheat, written and directed by David Mamet officially opens at the Garrick Theatre this week, having opened for previews on the 7th June.

(C) Manuel Harlan.

The production stars John Malkovich as Barney Fein, Doon Mackichan as Sondra and Ioanna Kimbook as Yung Kim Li with Alexander Arnold as Roberto, Teddy Kempner as Doctor Wald, Matthew Pidgeon as The Writer and Zephryn Taitte as Charles Arthur Brown. 

(c)Manuel Harlan.

Bitter Wheat is David Mamet’s first new play since China Doll, which premiered on Broadway in 2015, starring Al Pacino. The production also marks  John Malkovich’s return to the stage for the first time in thirty three years.

Hollywood is a hell hole. Everything in Hollywood is for sale except the awards, which are for rent. Bitter Wheat is a play about a depraved Hollywood mogul. It rips the pashmina off the suppurating wound which is show business, and leaves us better human beings, and fitter to once more confront the horror of life. Our hero, Barney Fein, is a bloated monster – a studio head, who like his predecessor, the minotaur, devours the young he has lured into his cave. His fall from power to shame is a mythic journey which has been compared to The Odyssey by people who claim to have read that book.

(c) Manuel Harlan.

The production features designs by Christopher Oram and lighting by Neil Austin. It is being produced by Jeffrey Richards, Steve Traxler and Smith & BrantTheatricals.

(c)Manuel Harlan.

Bitter Wheat will play at the Garrick Theatre from the 7th June. To  book tickets click here or visit: See TicketsLove Theatre.comTheatre Tickets, Encore TicketsLast Minute.comWest End Theatre Breaks or From the Box Office

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