NEWS: Shoreditch Town Hall Announces New Stand-Up Comedy Show

Following an event in April, Pop-Up Comedy Shop has confirmed a new Stand-Up Saturday show to take place at Shoreditch Town Hall on the 29th June.

With doors opening at 7pm for an 8 O’Clock start, Stand- Up Saturday is set to be hosted by Rory O’Hanlon and will feature performances from Nathan Caton, Neil Delamere, Al Lubel and Meryl O’Rouke.

The organisers, in order to help tackle loneliness in London, have used website to not only help to promote the event but also to fill the room with people who want to make new friends.

Award-winning, Dublin-born host Rory O’Hanlon is joined by FHM Stand Up Hero Finalist Nathan Canton, The Blame Game regular and comedy documentary writer Neil Delamere, Amused Moose Award winner and The Late Show with David Letterman regular Al Lubel and Frankie Boyle’s New World Order writer and stand up Meryl O’Rourke.

Talking about the event, organiser Harry Warren today said “I started organising stand-up comedy because I really admire the art form; actors and musicians and other stage show performers often require bulky equipment to showcase their talent. With stand-up comedy, however, the person on stage can captivate thousands of people, with only a microphone and sense of humour. has been particularly useful as it encourages its members to attend group events, to meet new people and make new friends. This is particularly important as so many people move to London without knowing anyone here. It might be that for this reason that London was recently voted the “loneliest city” of the 18 international cities surveyed by Time Out; a staggering 55% of London residents report that London “can feel like a lonely place to live”, while only 7% say that the city is a good place to make new friends.”

The seating at the event is set to be arranged  so people aged 20-35 can sit together, people aged 50+ can sit together and ‘singles’ who seek new romantic partners can sit together. All of this culminates in an afterparty from 10pm in the Council Chamber, which enables the group to dance, drink, mix and mingle until closing time at midnight.

To join the Meetup event, guests can purchase a ticket online and ask at the front entrance to sit with the 20-35, 50+ or ‘singles’ Meetup group. 

Tickets are £14.50 and available from Shoreditch Town Hall’s website or from Meet The event takes place on the 29th June.

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