Review Round Up: Napoli, Brooklyn, Park Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the European premiere of Meghan Kennedy’s play, now playing at the Park Theatre.

(c)Marc Brenner.

WhatsOnStage: * “It’s an inept production of a mediocre play. The only things likely to provoke tears here are the onions…and possibly boredom.”

The Stage: *** “Lisa Blair’s production features a host of warm performances and she does a credible job at bringing the multiple, somewhat unruly plot strands together. She captures the tenderness of Francesca’s first, all consuming love particularly well.”

Broadway World: * “The script is laden with overused, quintessentially Italian and pretentiously melancholic clichés.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Director Lisa Blair allows this domestic drama with boundless implications to play out especially through the accomplished performances of the quality cast, though never overwhelming the story or text.”

The Upcoming: ** “Napoli, Brooklyn is, in many respects, just plain silly. If it were a comedy it wouldn’t be so bad, but while some of the lines are genuinely humorous, for the most part, it takes itself way too seriously.”  **** “Napoli, Brooklyn has flaws but it is an engrossing, fizzy and plucky play that shines brightly and boldly despite its imperfections.”

The Spy in the Stalls: **** “This is a play that has a firm sense of time and place, but deals with themes that are just as relevant today. Beautifully acted and directed, it is definitely one to see.”

London Theatre Reviews: **** “Robert Cavanah’s portrayal as a narcissistic controlling perpetrator is horribly realistic and jars your senses at certain points.”

London Theatre1: **** “If one of the hallmarks of a ‘good’ play is that you find yourself discussing it afterwards, then this is a ‘good’ play, as I found myself discussing it for the next hour, waiting on Finsbury Park Station, and finding that this is a piece of writing that has much to commend it.”

Pocket Size Theatre: ***** “Theatre can be powerful and emotionally engaging when you have a great script, brilliant cast and a strong production and a story routed in reality but with a strong message for todays’ society. Napoli, Brooklyn at the Park 200 Theatre is such a production – faultless moving storytelling”

British Theatre Guide: “Lisa Blair’s production and Frankie Bradshaw’s setting move fast and look well but, like the figures of the Virgin that edge the stage, dramatist Kennedy presents images of problems without really investigating them: its drama is on the surface and needs to dig deeper.”

Napoli, Brooklyn continues to play at the Park Theatre until the 13th July.

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