NEWS: Alpha Who? To Play at The Cockpit Theatre

The part theatre, part dance and part visual art installation will play as part of the Camden Fringe from the 7th to the 9th August.

Created by Matt Franco, Alpha Who? explores what it means to be a man today by using theatre, dance and visual art to explore this topic in a solo performance.

We’re struggling to define masculinity in today’s modern society, which expects men to be able to share their feelings and be vulnerable after generations of masculine repression.But how do we share? If we’re to heal wounds that men hold within themselves, we must first explore how to engage with the feminine within.

By delving into the reasons behind the mental health problems faced by men creator Matt Franco explores gender identity, vulnerability, emotionality and the binary restrictions of feminine and masculine ideals as seen through the eyes of five characters called ‘Truthful Self’, the ‘Control Freak’, the ‘Laid Back Guy’, the ‘Invasive Avoider’ and the ‘Child’.

Talking about the show Matt Franco said: “I created Alpha Who? with the hope of helping young men to deal with their unspoken vulnerability, under the pressure of aged stereotypes of our Western society. After too many people around me felt suicidal, I needed to explore why and how this modern disease is affecting us like never before.”

The production is directed by Gail Sixsmith with scenography by Saverio Tonoli. Meanwhile, music composition is by Sabio Janiak, sound is by Matt Franco and Sabio Janiak, lighting is by Gail Sixsmith, Matt Franco and Saverio Tonoli and costume design is by Ginevra Angiuli.

Alpha Who? will play as part of the Camden Fringe at The Cockpit from the 7th to the 9th August.

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