REVIEW: It’s Not Really The Apocalypse

This concept album for the new musical has some good ideas but feels as though it needs to vary the style of music slightly more.

Telling the story of four friends who wake up with massive hangovers to discover that they are the only ones still left alive, It’s Not Really The Apocalypse is a quirky, dystopian new musical that on the basis of its music would be intriguing to watch unfold on stage.

By using jazz and rag time inspired music on a apocalyptic musical, the contrast between music and lyrics work quite well – particularly on numbers such as the playful and cheeky sounding ‘Let’s Go on a Four Day Bender’ and the more quirky ‘I Never Did Expect That It Would End Like This’. It is songs like this that show the potential of the musical and leaving you wondering how it would be staged.

On the other hand, it feels as though the songs don’t really leave much for character development (particularly for the female characters) , you finish listening to the recording feeling as though they are still quite obscure. This is a shame as the concept for the show is intriguing as it is amusing, leaving you wondering what you would do if you were in the same situation – would you be willing to work yourself to the ground to survive or would you just go with the flow?

Initially it feels as though perhaps there will be a lack of emotional core to the soundtrack, but with excellent numbers ‘It’s Harder Than it Looks’ and ‘Please Don’t Die’, there is a real sincerity that is pleasing to hear and you really feel for the characters and the predicament that they find themselves in.

There is plenty of energy and charm to be found throughout thanks to the playfulness of the lyrics that will put smiles on faces, but there is that underlying feeling throughout that many of the songs sound similar to each other that can make it difficult to tell them apart.

Despite its flaws however, It’s Not Really the Apocalypse is a fun and enjoyable listen that shows potential in a time that new British musicals are being called out for.

By Emma Clarendon

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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