Review Round Up: The Hunt, Almeida Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the world premiere of Rupert Goold’s production.

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WhatsOnStage: **** “That examination of human fallibility, of the flaws that make us who we are, of the complicated emotions that drive and control society makes The Hunta very fine piece of work indeed.”

Time Out: *** “Almeida boss Rupert Goold’s flashy staging can feel distracting early on when ‘The Hunt’ feels like a straightforward story of an innocent wronged, but maybe doesn’t go far enough later on.”

The Guardian: *** ” In its depiction of the way a false accusation can spread like a virus, the play is undeniably chilling. But although Farr’s script is subtly different from the original screenplay by Vinterberg and Tobia Lindholm, I still feel this is a piece that works best through the detailed literalness of cinema.”

London ***** “The Almeida previously struck theatrical gold in 2004 with a stage version of Thomas Vinterberg’s 1998 Danish film Festen, chronicling a disturbing story of child abuse in a family, that subsequently transferred to the West End and also (briefly) to Broadway. Now it achieves a similar sense of churning unease with another story of child abuse, adapted by David Farr from another Vinterberg film Jagten, originally released in 2012.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Goold’s direction is super snappy and pacy, and the transitions are so supple because they’re built into the fabric of the production. Goold produces entertaining productions with all the ease of making a cup of tea.”

The Arts Desk: **** “The acting is thoroughly convincing. Both parts of the play are introduced by Michele Austin’s Hilde, who makes her school announcements direct to the audience, while Tobias Menzies’s Lucas has a perfect mixture of saintly patience and inner angst. At times, sincerity is written all over his features.”

The Stage: ***** “Farr’s adaptation, combined with Goold’s top-of-his-game directing, ensures there isn’t a single moment, not a word, that’s wasted or unnecessary. It is difficult, certainly, but it’s also completely unmissable.”

Evening Standard: **** “There are two kinds of hunt in this close-knit world: the locals’ pursuit of deer in the forest, and the mob violence of vigilantes. Both involve savagery, and in Rupert Goold’s taut production an apparently humdrum community reveals its dark hinterland.”

British Theatre Guide: “Rupert Goold’s heavily atmospheric production capitalising on David Farr’s spare text is tense, and often unbearably so, from the moment of the first accusation to the end of 2¼ gruelling hours that should make every single viewer think again about their own value systems, the society in which we live today and the primacy of truth.”

The Telegraph: ***** “Now the Almeida is playing host to a world-premiere, world-class adaptation of another film directed by Thomas Vinterberg”

The Times: **** “as this is Nordic noir, it’s pretty bleak and chilly in this particular Hades.”

Broadway World: **** “The Hunt is not an easy night at the theatre, but it’s an affecting one.”

British **** “a thrilling night at the theatre, uncomfortable yet involving viewing, a crucible of accusations and complexities.”

The Metro: **** “Rupert Goold directs with all the simmering tension of a Scandi noir thriller”

The Hunt continues to play at the Almeida Theatre until the 3rd August.

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