PREVIEW: Casa Festival

Running from the 16th to the 28th July, the festival celebrates Latin American arts.

2019 is the 10th edition of the event that takes place across two weeks and is situated in Dalston, with venues including the Arcola Theatre, Rio Cinema and the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.

This Latin American arts festival will welcome a wide variety of international artists from countries such as Mexico, The Dominican Republic, and Brazil, as well UK-based Latin American creatives.

The programme is set to include Q&As with film directors, a ‘CASA creates’ session, a pop-up bar at Rio Cinema, coming together to give audiences a taste of the passion and vibrancy of Latin America alongside a variety of arts being presented.

This 2019 programme  will be the first under the creative leadership of Artistic Director Cordelia Grierson, expanding CASA’s focus from theatre to multi-disciplinary arts, branching out to include art, film, dance and music.

Highlights of the festival include:

  • Ladylike – A superheroine’s journey; taking a fierce, frank and funny look at the potential and limitations of gender roles. *This work contains some disturbing scenes of a sexual nature. (Arcola Studio 1)
  • Tropicalia Island – The world is ending and only three safe places remain. One of them is Tropicalia Island. The audience are refugees seeking asylum on the island and it won’t be easy for the ‘exotic white’ as they try to settle in. This dystopian exploration mirrors current realities of immigration, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry and homophobia; all intertwined with dance, music and laughter. (Arcola Studio 2)
  • Something About Shakespeare – From award-winning Mexican company, an exciting reimagining of three of Shakespeare’s classics all in 75 minutes!
  • A Fantastic Woman – a film in which Marina Vidal, a transgender singer and waitress, comes under suspicion for the murder of her older boyfriend, Orlando when she brings him one night to the hospital, dying. She encounters transphobia both from the police and Orlando’s family, both of whom intrude upon her privacy.

Talking about the festival, Artistic Director Cordelia Grierson said: “Each strand of our programming contains some amazing shows, they come from different places and tackle different themes, tell different stories.  There’s an interesting mix of experimental and more traditional work which goes along with a slightly cheesy quote: we have something for everyone. And it’s true!”

The Casa festival will run from the 16th to the 28th July. For more information visit:

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