Review Round Up: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Harold Pinter Theatre

Discover what the critics made of the stage adaptaion of Louis de Bernières’s novel.

(c) Marc Brenner.

Time Out: *** “Still, as efforts go this is beyond valiant and if doesn’t have the weight of the book, it’s still a rich and ambitious piece of theatre.”

London ** “But there’s an over-arching earnestness to the storytelling that left me largely unmoved and uninvolved. Faithful readers who just want to be reminded of a well-loved book may find more nourishment.”

Londonist: *** “War continues to overshadow the romance, but you’re just not as drawn into it as you would be with the book on your sun lounger.  The ensemble sing a bit of Verdi to accompany Corelli’s mandolin plucking which pleases the ears, but may not also pluck at your heart strings.”

Evening Standard: *** “Rona Munro’s script is performed with gusto by a tight, nimble ensemble. But it only really comes to life after the interval, for good reason.”

Broadway World: *** “It’s ironic, really, that Dr Iannis spends so much of the play quoting stories about Homer’s Odysseus, as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin truly feels like an odyssey. The play is, in parts, haunting and lyrical, but it is also too long.” *** “Scenes of battle are evoked with innovation and some real punch and ultimately made more emotional impact than the interior lives of the main characters.”

London Box Office: ***** “Whilst it would be easy to concede that the running time is perhaps 20 minutes longer than ideal for the average attention span, given the scope of the novel, it is surprising that Rona Munro’s adaptation isn’t a lot longer. Melly Still’s astute and assured direction, has resulted in a captivating evenings entertainment and most importantly, one which is a credit to the source material.”

Stage Review: ** “This is a brave and ambitious production but it lacks emotional power and really isn’t polished enough for the West End stage, not even as a summer filler.”

London Theatre Reviews: *** “The director Melly Still has been somewhat ambitious in attempting to bring this difficult play to the stage. However visually stunning and powerful this production is, overall it is too long and with so much going on it tends to lose the storyline in places.”

British Theatre Guide: “A good adaptation, expertly directed by Melly Still, features much of her trademark physical theatre presentation, delivered by a delightful ensemble led by the brilliant trio of Joseph Long, Madison Clare and Alex Mugnaioni.”

Theatre Bubble: *** “The physical ensemble work and the musical moments are what makes the piece strong, with resounding outbursts of Verdi by the Italian soldiers and heart-rending laments by Drosoula.”

Pocket Size Theatre: **** “it is an emotionally engaging, visually stunning and totally absorbing adaption with a faultless ensemble cast.”

Reviews ** “The problem is, as with most novels, that although the story is incident packed it is not the stuff of drama and Rona Munro has come up with a turgid tale which has several false endings and goes on way past its sell by date.”

Captain Corelli‘s Madolin continues to play at the Harold Pinter Theatre until the 31st August. To book tickets click here or visit: See Tickets, Encore Tickets, Love, From the Box Office, Last, West End Theatre Breaks or Theatre Tickets

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