Review Round Up: No. 6 Collaborations Project by Ed Sheeran

The singer has collaborated with artists such as Stormzy, Justin Bieber and Camila Cabello for his latest album.  

Pitchfork: “few releases have been as baldly transparent and destined for ubiquity as No.6, which has all the conspicuous mining of a Drake album, but very little of the finesse or cultural fluency.”

Rolling Stone: *** “Sheeran’s unobtrusively sweet voice easily slips between genres, but he struggles to connect with many of his A-list guest artists, deepening the album’s isolated mood.”

The Guardian: **** “Yet a certain confidence oozes from No 6 Collaborations. And why wouldn’t it? It doesn’t suggest any slackening of his grasp on what people want to hear: the only thing likely to prevent it becoming a vast success is some kind of mass-extinction event.”

Evening Standard: *** “No.6 is incoherent and unpredictable without being especially radical. It sees Sheeran in maestro mode, experimenting with, if not quite commanding, different genres, but ultimately it’s not really about him: the stronger the collaborator the better the song.”

NME: *** “a testament to Sheeran’s songwriting skills and well-honed ‘everybro’ persona, could be the perfect time capsule of what pop was in 2019” “No. 6 spotlights Sheeran’s versatility but also his limits. It takes a real chameleon to work with stars of rap, rock, R&B, country, dance music, pop, reggaeton, and grime, and come away with an album that doesn’t reek from stem to stern of trying too hard. In that respect, No. 6 might be Ed Sheeran’s most ambitious, and in large part, most impressive full length to date.”

The Metro: *** “Sheeran is a musician (and long-standing grime fan) first, millionaire second. He writes melodies like nobody’s business, and they stand up.”

The Telegraph: **** “mix of the mundane and glamorous is a big part of the anomalous appeal of Sheeran, a bespectacled, English singer-songwriter who has somehow become the biggest pop star in the world.”

The Independent: ** “It would be easier to love this record if Sheeran didn’t accompany his self-deprecation with humblebrags about how ‘gifted’ he is”

The Times: *** “If you want to understand the continuing, all-conquering success of Ed Sheeran, beyond my theory that a generation of youngsters love him because he is the closest they’ll have to a real-life Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, you have only to watch the video to Beautiful People.”

iNews: ** “It’s become clear that you can’t engineer soul and that’s what this album is sorely lacking. Hits by numbers are nothing new – just don’t spend 15 songs trying to convince us you’re something you’re not.”

No. 6 Collaborations Project is available to buy and download now.

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