Review Round Up: The Night of the Iguana, Noel Coward Theatre

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for James MacDonald’s production starring Clive Owen.


Variety: ” Originally a short story written soon after World War II, “The Night of the Iguana” sits out of sorts onstage. Arguably, that works to its advantage. Like its restive leads, it never quite finds its footing. Their listlessness is catching and, as drama, it drifts. It lacks a plot, per se — but then, doesn’t life?”

London Theatre1: *** “Owen’s Shannon puts in a compelling performance overall, expressing a wide range of emotions from anger at God (as interpreted by organised Western Christian religion) to treating the iguana of the show’s title with mercy and compassion.”

The FT: “James Macdonald’s mesmerising, beautifully acted production revels in both its dry wit and its lugubrious excess, while drawing us through its slow-winding passage from despair to hope.”

Time Out: *** “Tennessee Williams’s wild, cracked, frequently hilarious 1961 drama ‘The Night of the Iguana’ really doesn’t get staged all that often, at least not compared to the big ones. And for a good three-quarters of its hefty running time, James Macdonald’s Clive Owen-starring revival makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with people that this is the case.”

The Guardian: *** “this may not be vintage Williams, but it survives through its opportunities for actors and the author’s boundless charity.”

Evening Standard: *** “James MacDonald’s three-hour production balances thunderstorms with moments of quiet intensity, and leavens Williams’s tendency towards overkill with wry humour.”

The Independent: **** “Sometimes achingly funny, sometimes, well, aching. This is a wonderful evening.”

The Telegraph: *** “A valuable enough excursion into the lesser-known terrain of a master, then; but, for the time-pressed or cash-strapped, not especially worth a huge detour or outlay.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “James Macdonald’s direction is meticulous. Characters are deftly crafted, their collisions and connections beautifully controlled, and Williams’ wit sings out – although the jubilant German guests gloating over the Luftwaffe’s victories lands oddly.”

The Stage: **** “James Macdonald’s atmospheric, fittingly simmering production spends the first half building towards a spectacularly staged, if inevitable, thunderstorm.”

The Night of the Iguana will play at the Noel Coward Theatre until the 28th September. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comEncore TicketsLast Minute.comFrom the Box OfficeSee Tickets or Theatre Tickets

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