The Bank of England’s exhibition marks 325 years since the bank opened and will be on display from the 22nd July.

2019 marks the 325th anniversary since the Bank of England opened its doors and to celebrate, the museum will mark the occasion with this major exhibition highlighting the key developments in the Bank’s role and remit, with the main focus being on the place and the people rather than the technical work of the Bank.

This temporary exhibition will cover themes such as life at the Bank, representation and inclusion. Each section of the exhibition will provide a glimpse into an era of the Bank’s work and its social history, featuring many objects that haven’t been displayed before.

Each of the objects selected for the exhibition will explore how money nd the way we pay for things has transformed since the Bank of England was established in 1694.

One of the key sections of the exhibition focuses on the way in which the Bank of England makes payments has been revolutionised during the Bank’s lifetime, through changing materials, technology and custom. The display also aims to highlight the work of the staff and their
working conditions and processes, the technology and tools that they used.

Meanwhile, the exhibition will also highlight the diverse cast of characters from the Bank’s history. In particular, including stories that reflected the presence of women at the Bank as both customers and, later, as staff. This section will also highlight the representations of individuals with
disabilities, among both customers and staff of the Bank and how the bank is how the institution is working to support diversity amongst its staff working at the bank today.

325 Years, 325 Objects is on display at the Bank of England from the 22nd July.