The London flower event will run at the Islington’s Business Design Centre from the 8th to the 10th August.

Presented and organised by the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies’ to mark the 60th anniversary since  the charity was established, The Floral Art & Design Show will showcase a world of flower arranging from classic bouquets to one of a kind masterpieces.

Designer and creative director of Floral Art & Design Show Derek Armstrong said: “As designer of these celebrations, it is my challenge to promote and bring together the talents of our members and special friends in order to show the world how our unique and mesmerising art form can enhance lives. A recent study by the University of South Carolina Upstate and West Virginia University surveyed 5000 residents to understand what makes them happy.They found that how aesthetically pleasing a person’s physical environment is, significantly impacts their level of happiness.This visually design-filled three day experience is intended to do just that–and, more over will take place in an outstanding Grade II listed building, which has along and illustrious history as an agricultural venue-as it was originally opened as the Royal Agricultural Hall in1862specifically, for the purpose holding agricultural shows.”

The show will bring together the talents of floral designers from across the country as well as those from abroad to highlight their art in the three day event.

Visitors will be able to see original floral art with fantastic displays of unique and never-before seen designs, all made entirely from flowers and foliage. Visitors will have the opportunity to spot new trends and techniques and to be dazzled by the floral masterpieces on display all designed by some of the top creators from across the world.

The event will also see individual flower arrangers as well as as flower arrangement clubs and societies, competing for gold, silver and bronze awards which will be granted to those who prove themselves to be at very the top of their game with the most outstanding designs.

The Floral Art & Design Show will take place at the Islington Business Design Centre from the 8th to the 10th August.