Interview With…Elizabeth Simeons

Emma Clarendon chatted to Elizabeth about coming up with the concept for 80 Days: A Real-World Adventure, the new venture from Fire Hazard Games.

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Hi Elizabeth, could you explain a bit more about how 80 Days: A Real-World Adventure works? 80 Days: A Real-World Adventure is a high-energy immersive treasure hunt that propels you through the streets of London as you prepare for a trip around the world. You gather
funds and supplies by solving puzzles and gambling with members of the Semi- Reform Club. Once you are ready for your journey, you and your team must make a series of tough decisions in a delightful choose-your-own-adventure game where you use your supplies to aid you in making your way around the world.

How did you come up with the concept for the experience? When we started researching for this game, we knew we wanted to make a light, fun game for the summer. The last game I worked on was a climate change focused game called Operation Survival for the University of Cambridge Museums, and I wanted to follow that with something entirely light-hearted and fun. We also wanted to add an element of strategy and to have a narrative payoff for our players. When we thought of Jules Verne’s novel we knew that this was a good fit for the game design we were

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How did you go about transforming Jules Verne’s novel? We wanted to highlight a moment that you might not immediately think of when you
picture the book: the moment of preparing for your journey! The panic of trying to pack for your adventure and make the train while the clock ticks down gave us the elements of excitement and pressure we wanted as a part of the game. After we decided to focus on this part of the narrative, everything else came in to place.

Were there any challenges along the way in creating 80 Days: A Real World Adventure?Our main challenge was much the same as for the players of the game: packing all the right things in time for the adventure to start!

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What can those taking part expect? They can expect a fun adventure, a chance to see the city in a new way and a great deal of excitement! We recommend good walking shoes; while it may not be a running game, it is hard to resist the excitement and you may find yourself wanting to dash through London!

Is there a required age limit to take part or is it suitable for families as well? This game is set for 18+ and typically ends in a gin bar in Underbelly Festival Southbank!

(c)Sofia Romualdo.

If people are thinking about taking part – why should they? If you are looking for a new London adventure, this is definitely for you. If you are looking to hit your step count for the day, this will definitely help you on your way. If you are looking for an enjoyable saunter through the city, with a well deserved gin and tonic waiting for you at the end, this is your game. It’s a great summer experience which will whisk you away from the real-world for a couple hours.

By Emma Clarendon

80 Days: A Real World Adventure will run until the 29th September.

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