Review Round Up: Dora Maurer, Tate Modern

This year long display of the Hungarian artist’s work is the first exhibition in the UK to explore the diversity of her art. Here’s what the critics had to say about it…

(c)Tate – Matt Greenwood.

The Guardian: **** ” In today’s anxious world, where even a museum on a Sunday afternoon is not a safe space, it’s a joy to see this optimistic art. You could almost come away with the idea that the world has got better, not worse, in recent decades.”

The Observer: *** “Not all of the work is so compelling. The more she proceeds by systems, the drier the work tends to be. A number of mirrors are divided into ever smaller slices and hung from the ceiling to disrupt our vision of reality; except that they only draw attention to themselves. Folding, adjusting or slightly rearranging lines, twigs or blocks of colour according to numbers may be exactingly minimal but the pleasures are slender, in every respect.”

The Times: “This survey show of work by the Hungarian artist Dora Maurer surprises Rachel Campbell-Johnston with a sudden explosion of bright colour at Tate”

Evening Standard: *** “Only occasionally does Maurer achieve a balance of idea and image. So while it’s timely and beautifully installed, this show mostly underwhelms.”

Dora Maurer‘s work will be on display at the Tate Modern until the 5th July 2020.

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