Five Reasons to See…Falsettos at The Other Palace

Love London Love Culture attended the press launch for the upcoming UK premiere of William Finn and James Lapine’s musical. Here’s five reasons why you need to book a ticket…

It is a musical which is making its UK debut: this UK premiere has been apparently seven years in the making so clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into ensuring that this production will reflect the story and music well. Also if you aren’t familiar with the story and music – it is always a thrill to discover a new musical that you can fall in love with. Falsettos has also won several awards including Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score at the Tony Awards.

The cast which has been put together for this production: it would be fair to say that any show that features Natasha Barnes, Oliver Savile, Joel Montague, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Daniel Boys and Gemma Knight-Jones to name a few is a show most definitely worth watching. Watch the below video and enjoy the harmonies!

The score: as mentioned earlier, William Finn’s music and lyrics for Falsettos won Best Original Score at the Tony awards – and having had sneak preview at what we can expect it is certainly filled with heartwarming as well as playful numbers. From what we heard at the launch ‘A Tight Knit- Family’ and ‘Thrill of First Love’ are going to be two particular standout performances from the show and it is going to be exciting to hear the rest of the songs as well!

The relevancy of the story for today: having originally premiered on Broadway in 1992, this musical still has a powerful resonance for audiences today. The story follows a family formed of a gay man Marvin, his wife, his lover, his soon to be bar mitzvahed son, their psychiatrist, and the lesbian neighbours. While it was created under the spectre of the AIDS crisis, it is a musical that reflects the many different types of families that exist as well as acceptance and tolerance of love in all forms.

It’s a heartwarming story: while the music and lyrics have a strong part to play in the telling of this story, it is clear (even from simply listening to a few of the songs) that it is the characters and the journey that they go on together and individually that forms the centre of the musical. There is a lot of warmth to be found as each of the characters try and work through their issues.

Falsettos will play at The Other Palace from the 30th August until the 23rd November. To book tickets click here or visit: Love, Theatre Tickets, From the Box Office, Last, Encore Tickets or See Tickets.

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