Review Round Up: Lover by Taylor Swift

Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews for the new album from Taylor Swift.

Vulture: “Taylor Swift’s willingness to open up about her desires, her fears, and her politics makes Lover the most complete full-length she’s delivered in years.”

Los Angeles Times: “Elsewhere the song layers on some pat high-school imagery, enough that anyone who might want to discount the allegory could reasonably do so. But little about the clear-eyed “Lover” leads you to believe that Taylor Swift is one of those people.”

The Guardian: *** “Lover’s highlights come when Swift ignores the outside world, whether that’s politics, public image or the desire to reassert her pop dominance. False God is beautiful and strangely subdued: an introverted small-hours love song on which a rambling sax solo weaves around Swift’s voice. It’s Nice to Have a Friend, meanwhile, sounds like nothing else Swift has made before, a brief sliver of a song set to samples of steel pan, tubular bells and a Canadian kids’ choir. They hint at another album, buried amid Lover’s landslide of styles and lyrical approaches, more subtle and low-key and experimental, but potentially more satisfying.”

Rolling Stone: **** “Whatever there is to be read into these songs, they are for one person and one person alone: Taylor Swift. Finally.”

NME: **** “it succeeds in spite of its clunkier moments because Swift’s melodies are frequently dazzling and her loved-up lyrics are ultimately quite touching.”

The Independent: **** “Swift’s seventh album feels like a partial resurrection of the Swift of old: moony romance and earnest earworms abound.”

Cosmopolitan: “these are 18 songs manufactured by a pop hits algorithm, and by trying to please everyone, she’s actually pleasing no one.”

The Telegraph: **** “America’s sweetheart shows divided loyalties on her seventh album, Lover.”

Irish Times: **** “as long as Swift continues to aim for timeless songwriting and stunning country-pop compositions, rather than of-the-moment digs and the playground melodies of Me! and You Need to Calm Down, she will finally be able to shake off the grudge that has been smudging her star power.”

Evening Standard: **** “Though twee at times, it’s a much more likeable collection than the defensive Reputation.”

The Times: **** “Swift’s latest album works because, rather than fighting against herself and trying to be all post-modern and cool, as she did on 2017’s Reputation, she has embraced her inner swot on a smart, frequently funny pop and country album that demonstrates how good a songwriter she can be. It shows what is possible when you put your mind to it.”

The FT: ***** “Current chart trends are ignored. Instead, the musical terrain that Lover occupies is Swift’s own space, which has grown capacious after 13 years of recording.”

Slant Magazine: *** 1/2 “Swift’s well-earned reputation for over-sharing, reflective of the generation for which she’s become a spiritual envoy, coupled with her newfound egalitarianism makes her not just a compelling pop figure, but an essential one.”

Lover is available to buy now.

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