Interview With…Rachael Spence

Rachael Spence chatted to Emma Clarendon about taking Still No Idea, a show she co-created with comedy partner Lisa Hammond, out on a UK tour.

Rachael, could you explain what ‘Still No Idea’ is all about? Still No Idea is about two best friends looking for an adventure and wondering what kind of stories people will imagine for them when they see them in street.

For those who don’t know how did the idea for the show come about? We were best friends and actors who got bored of being in other peoples stories and we really wanted to make a show together. But because we hadn’t really done that before we didn’t have any ideas, no one had ever asked us to have any before! So we thought we would start by asking other people for theirs. We didn’t realise that this would become the actual show!

Given the title – should audiences expect the unexpected? Yes! Definitely. We were genuinely surprised by what we discovered and how our quest for a show turned out.

How are you feeling about taking the show on tour? We are so excited to be taking this show to loads of places we have never been before! We love touring and getting to know all the different places in the UK and feel so lucky that this is part of our actual job! Hanging out in weird and wonderful places is right up our street. Plus it’s gets you out of doing the housework for a few weeks.

How have you found working on ‘Still No Idea’ so far? It’s always a mixture of dread and feeling extremely at home when we start something new together. Working on Still No Idea was no exception! We know that the amount of work to do it huge and there will be no shortcuts to getting to the end but we laugh our heads off everyday because we love hanging out, we find the same things funny and making art is our way of changing the world so we feel really lucky to be doing what we do. But we have NO IDEA how we ever get anything done! With three young children and a lot of chronic pain issues between us it does usually take us a long time!

If you were going to try and persuade someone to come along and see the show what would you say? If you like dark humour, montages with dance routines, documentary, impro sketch comedy and something that also packs a political punch you’ll love Still No Idea!

By Emma Clarendon

Still No Idea will tour the UK from the 22nd September.

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