NEWS: Lockwood Productions Announce UK Premiere of The Green Fairy

The musical will play at the Union Theatre from the 30th October until the 23rd November.

The musical, featuring book, music and lyrics by Jack Sain and Stephen Libby, will be presented by Lockwood Productions and Fools & Kings through a production directed by Jack Sain.

Tonight, Jo saw her daughter Wendy sing for the first time in the pub where she used to work – they don’t seem to have a relationship. Jo doesn’t seem to have a relationship with anyone really, and the Green Fairy wants to know where it all went wrong…

Memories start to surface of Jo’s adolescence and early adulthood in 1990s London. Together, they explore Jo’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend, ex-husband and eventually her daughter.

An ode to queer parenting and overcoming anxiety, The Green Fairy is an immersive pub musical following one woman’s struggle to take back control of her own life before it’s too late. 

With casting yet to be announced, the UK premiere of the musical also marks the musical theatre writing debut of Jack Sain and Stephen Libby.

Talking about the news, the pair said: “We are incredibly excited to bring The Green Fairy to The Union Theatre this autumn. It’s a queer story, a story about Londoners, about growing up and about getting on. The show has evolved and grown, genders have changed, themes have twisted, songs and scenes have been thrown out, new ones created. Writing is incredibly new to both of us, but we’ve truly fallen in love with The Green Fairy. After a successful workshop at The Kings Head, the generous reception from the industry showing galvanised us to turn The Green Fairy into a fully-fledged piece that was true to our own lives and said things that we want to say.”

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