Review Round Up: For the Record by David Cameron

The former Prime Minister has released his autobiography and LLLC rounds up the reviews…

The Observer: “The book’s voice is not as humble as the interviews he has given to promote it. There are lengthy tracts of self-justification as he relitigates every controversy of his career before almost invariably coming to the conclusion: “I was right.” “

The Telegraph: *** “A modern, compassionate (to the reader at least) Conservative would have given us an entertaining canter through his career highs and lows, but Cameron throws in everything, including the kitchen sink.”

The National: “Far from setting the record straight, this memoir only confirms what most of us already suspected – Cameron just doesn’t get it.”

The Guardian: “The problem with For the Record is not its honesty. As far as this most self-serving of genres – the politician’s memoir – goes, it is a truthful account. The problem is that on the most important question of the age, David Cameron got it wrong. That will haunt him forever – indeed, it will haunt every last one of us.”

The Independent: “as with Blair and Iraq, Cameron, ultimately, has almost no chance of persuading most people that he acted in the national interest.”

iNews: “For the Record might have been a stodgy exercise in self-justification, but it is much livelier than I feared, full of colour, gossipy asides and decent anecdotes.”

For the Record is available to buy now.

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